How To

How to Create HyperDocs

Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to creating HyperDocs

Step #1: Determine Objectives

  • Grade Level?
  • Content Area(s)?
  • Length of Lesson?
  • Specific Objectives?
  • Desired outcome (explore, apply, assess)?


Step #2: Determine Cycle of Learning

What specific steps will students follow?

  1. Explore. Explain. Apply.
  2. Workshop Model
  3. 5 E's Model
  4. HyperDoc Model


Step #3: Packaging

  1. What Google App can I use to package this lesson? (Docs, Slides, Maps, Sites?
  2. Why?


Step #4: Determine Cycle of Learning

  • Push out content
  • Collect work
  • Provide feedback